THR9 Ex - Ex-tremely safe

The ATEX TETRA radio from Airbus Defence and Space

The re-engineered intrinsically safe TETRA handheld

Use in explosion-prone areas where sparks or overheating would endanger your life

You deserve the Ex-tremely safe TETRA radio

THR9ex landscape

5 things you need in an ATEX radio

  • Hear your communications clearly
  • Always work safely with your radio
  • Stay available throughout your mission
  • Enjoy a highly usable radio
  • Use accessories with your ATEX radio

The re-engineered THR9 Ex meets all these needs

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Hear your communications clearly

Do you work in a noisy environment? You will appreciate

  • The strong loudspeaker
  • The good sound level
  • Voice that is understandable

The re-engineered acoustic design in the THR9 Ex delivers this and more.

Work safely

Do you work in explosion prone areas? Do you have a harsh working environment? Choose the robust, certified THR9 Ex

  • ATEX certified
  • IEC-Ex certified
  • IP65-certified
  • Protected against gas and dust

Do not accept anything less.

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THR9ex with screen image

Stay available

Don’t worry about losing power in your radio. You can get more than 15 hours of use from the THR9 Ex thanks to its 2000 mAh high capacity battery.

What’s more, Energy Economy can save your battery life.

Choose the THR9 Ex because it also lets you change the battery without needing to leave the explosive area.

Enjoy a highly usable radio

The THR9 Ex is easy to use and it can respond to your selections with voice feedback in your own language.

It is as easy to use in the day and night time, thanks to the special Night Vision mode.

Choose the THR9 Ex and its large display and full keypad

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THR9ex with screen image

Use accessories

Communicate wirelessly: complement your THR9 Ex radio with a ATEX/IEC Ex –certified Bluetooth® accessories

You can also continue to use the accessories compatible with the earlier THR9 Ex

You can connect and disconnect the THR9 Ex accessories directly in the explosive area.

Ex-tremely safe

THR9 Ex is the ATEX radio with

Improved audio

IEC-Ex and ATEX compliance

Changeable parts in Ex area

Large display

THR9 Ex is available for
330 – 360 MHz || 380 – 430 MHz || 450 – 470 MHz frequency bands.
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