TH9 - Power on hand

Now on video: the TH9 experience, the new TETRA radio from Airbus Defence and Space

The new TETRA handheld

You deserve a TETRA radio that meets your expectations – without compromise

TH9 landscape

Do you need a radio that lets you focus on your mission?

  • Use without looking. The TH9 is easy to use and it can respond to your selections with voice feedback in your own language.
  • Don’t worry about power. The 1.8W output power is plenty, and Energy Economy can save your battery life.
  • As easy to use in the day and night time, thanks to the special Night Vision mode.
TH9 with screen image

Communicate wirelessly

Don’t worry about wires.

  • Wear the radio on your lapel at easy reach and complement it with a Bluetooth® connected earpiece
  • Equip your helmet with a Bluetooth headset
  • Work in covert and discreet operations with Bluetooth

Wherever you are

Do you want to communicate with clear audio and precise positioning wherever you go?

  • Get on the map faster than ever before: the TH9 comes with GNSS positioning inside.
  • Locate your team members using the ”Where are you” function.

Enhanced Performance

TH9 is a robust handheld with

Improved audio

Direct Mode Operation

IP65 protection

Large display

Smart carrying solutions

End-to-end encryption

TH9 is available for the 380-430 MHz frequency bands. Are you interested?

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